How to invest in real estate with Shelters?

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643 €/month
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227 €/month
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323 €/month

Receive monthly rental income from your property.

Each month, receive the rent for each fraction you own in proportion to your investment.

Start building your real estate portfolio.

Reinvest your yields to buy more fractions and create a path to financial freedom.

Your portfolio

8% annual return

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Receive monthly returns on your assets in proportion to your investment.


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Would you like to gain exposure to the real estate market with Shelters? Expose yourself to the potential appreciation of the real estate market and receive a portion of the monthly rental income in proportion to your investment.

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Your initial investment

Total amount invested to acquire the real estate fractions in your wallet.

500,00 €

Net rental yield

The net rental yield of the property is calculated by taking the year-to-date rents generated by the property and subtracting all associated costs, such as property taxes, insurance costs, property management fees, mortgage payments, repairs and maintenance.

5.3 %

Property price reassessment

The revaluation of the property refers to the estimated annual increase in the value of the property, resulting in a profit that is reflected in the valuation of your fractions.

3.4 %

Your estimated income on

0,00 €

BNP Paribas

Real estate within reach to everyone.

Our unique solution enables anyone to take part in the real estate business, in just a few clicks, from our easy-to-use application. Finally, an easy and accessible way to participate and gain exposure to the real estate market.

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Within reach

You buy and sell fractions whenever you want according to your investment objectives, starting at only 10€.

No management

Our solution manages all activities related to the management of rental properties: tenant search, maintenance, accounting, formalities, rent management, insurance, rental guarantees, and much more.


You have full control over your assets and can manage them at any time to suit your needs and financial goals.


The data is stored on a decentralized data storage system commonly called blockchain, where it is made unfalsifiable, secure and permanent ensuring its integrity.


Shelters offers you the ability to transfer and use your fractions on other services/apps. You have the freedom to use your assets to transact with other parties.


Our project aims to open up new opportunities for our investors by offering new features on a regular basis, while maintaining a high level of security.

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A responsible investment.

Shelters properties will be given a second life through the implementation of renovation works to meet regulatory standards, ultimately achieving optimal energy efficiency.

Enter the world of real estate investing today with Shelters.

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17 rue Vaubecour

Lyon 02 - FRANCE

551 300 €


net rental yield


price reassessment

house picture

16 av. des Orchidées

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin - FRANCE

1 123 000 €


net rental yield


price reassessment

house picture

127 av. Pasteur

Vichy - FRANCE

978 000 €


net rental yield


price reassessment

house picture

288 bd. de Magenta

Paris 10 - FRANCE

899 400 €


net rental yield


price reassessment

house picture

28 av. de la Fôret Noire

Strasbourg - FRANCE

834 900 €


net rental yield


price reassessment

house picture

10 rue des soeurs Munet

Menton - FRANCE

1 112 800 €


net rental yield


price reassessment

house picture

321 quai Kellermann

Strasbourg - FRANCE

672 000 €


net rental yield


price reassessment