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Thanks to our platform, get access to fractional rental real estate immediately and build a profitable real estate wallet.

What is fractional real estate?

The principle of fractional rental property is to enable multiple investors to hold financial rights in rental properties through companies, all managed by Shelters.

Investors can acquire one or more fractions of various properties on our platform. This entitles them to a share of the rental income, as well as to a potential capital gain when the property is resold, proportional to the number of fractions held.

Our investment platform offers the possibility to enter the world of real estate investment through splitting and all from only 10€!

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Why choose fractional real estate?

An affordable investment

A way to diversify your portfolio

No management: Shelters takes care of everything

Secondary market

Affordability is one of the main benefits of fractional rental property. Investors who wish to invest in rental real estate typically need significant capital, knowledge on the industry and time to purchase an entire property. However, with fractional rental real estate, investors can purchase a fraction of a property at a lower price tag, with no special knowledge and in a matter of minutes.

The fractional properties that Shelters offers can include commercial, residential and garage properties. Fractional purchases allow for greater diversification of real estate investments.

In addition, fractional rental real estate also enables the costs and risks of ownership to be shared among several investors, which reduce purchase costs and risks.

The management of numerous rental properties will allow Shelters to reduce management costs for its customers. Thanks to its volume, advantageous rates are obtained from partners, thus minimizing the costs of rental management while offering a quality service to its users.

Shelters property.

Shelters and its partners are specialized in the acquisition of real estate for rental purposes. After purchase, when necessary, Shelters carries out the necessary renovations to bring the properties up to standard, improving their value and appeal. Once renovated, the properties are tokenized (read "How it works" page) on the MultiversX blockchain bringing many benefits.

How are our properties protected?

Shelters attaches great importance to protecting its properties and the income of its investors. To this end, Shelters takes out insurance to cover potential claims, as well as, where necessary, the risks associated with unpaid rent and rental vacancies. Thus, by choosing to invest with Shelters, investors benefit not only from a quality real estate asset, a regular return, and the efficiency and security of blockchain, but also from the peace of mind provided by the insurance underwritten by the company.

What about management?

Shelters and its partners also take care of finding tenants for these properties, generating a steady return for investors. We also take care of property management and maintenance, carrying out all the work required to ensure that the property remains in optimum condition over the long term.

Many benefits

This process has many advantages for everyone involved. Investors benefit from quality rental property and a regular return without worrying about management or maintenance. Tenants benefit from renovated, comfortable and compliant housing. In addition, tokenization on the MultiversX blockchain guarantees greater transparency and simplifies real estate portfolio management for investors. Finally, this approach contributes to the revitalization of deteriorated properties, thus having a positive impact on the overall real estate market.